June 11, 2019

Walking in Faith

My husband and I are finding ourselves at an unexpected crossroads. It's all a blessing but it's a surprise and I found myself remembering days when I was just learning to walk this walk, many years ago.  And as I was thinking about it, I realized, "It's not about 'faith', it's about our purpose."

Let me explain. Sometimes I think, in the back of our mind, that we think God is cruel when he stretches our faith. We think how unimaginable it was that He would lead the children of Israel to the Red Sea and what?! just expect that they would know He would part the water?! That He would cause water to pour out of a rock and manna to appear on the ground?! That He would cause the wall of Jericho to fall?!

And we think the same thing today. In the back of our mind, we are thinking, "There's no way this is going to work. Unless, God does a miracle, it's not going to work." And the truth is, God is always showing us that there is no obstacle too big for Him! "No mountain He won't climb up, wall He won't kick down, coming after me." (Jeremy Riddle) There is nothing that can stand in our way when He is working on our behalf. We think He operates out of our faith but I think he just needs us to have faith so that we'll keep going. Because it's not all about us.

Here's a simple example: Imagine you're God and you have a child who is just learning to walk. He's holding on to furniture and making his way around but he's scared to let go and he's just learning to balance. You, being God, knows that he can never accomplish all the things you have for him in life if he never learns to walk.  So you get down on the floor and reach for him and encourage him to 'stretch his faith' and take a step. Your goal is not to grow his faith. Your goal is for him to walk. Your goal is for him to walk so he can run so he can fly. It's not about his faith. That's a means-to-an-end. It's not about you blessing him, although your blessings are going to pursue him all his life. It's about his purpose here on this earth.

God is just trying to get you to take another step. And just like we do with a child, He encourages us to take a bigger step each time.
Walk a little further.
Jump across this obstacle.
Climb this mountain or tear it down with declaration.
Keep your focus.
Don't get discouraged.
You're doing fine.
God's got everything in control and He's setting things up.
Just keep going.
Look at the big picture.
Don't sweat the small stuff.
Let today's worries be sufficient for today.
Find out where He wants you to go and then follow His direction.
Take a leap when He asks you.
Trust Him that He won't let you fall.  And if you do miss the direction and fall, He'll pick you up, brush you off and correct your course.
He's not disappointed.
He has a goal in mind and His mercies are new every day.
Stay the course.
Count it all joy.
Expect miracles.
Expect blessings.
He's got your back.
Think long term.
Just keep walking. In faith.

Read the end of the book.

love and blessings,

"For I know the plans I have for you, plans for good and not for evil, to give you a future and a hope." Jeremiah 29:11


  1. My husband and I have had a business trial for the past year and I have been so overwhelmed with fighting the opposition that I have not looked at the big picture and asked what can I learn from this trial. Have I turned to the Lord, yes, have I done all those things I know to do, pray, read the scriptures, yes.....what I failed to do is take a step back and realizes that all of this is a learning process to strengthen my faith and make me stronger. Thank you for this reminder, I am so grateful for your special post today.

    1. Hi Janet! I hope you're doing well and seeing the blessings of your faithfulness. Occasionally, I like to tell myself, "This is a test! Will I pass?" We know that everything that comes our way, God is using to transform us into the likeness of Christ. Please let me know how you're doing! love and blessings~

  2. This post has been used by God for a conformation. You could not used a better anology. I'm so glad you followed the Spirits leading.

    1. Hope you're doing well and rejoicing in God's faithfulness! love and blessings~

  3. Lynda, How are you? Just a short message would be appreciated. I don’t know what is going on in you life but pray you are doing well. Pattyanngammel@yahoo.com

    1. Hi Patty Ann! I hope you don't mind that I replied here! I am doing well! Thank you so much for thinking of me. My husband and I have been gathering with other followers of Christ at homes to worship and fellowship on Sundays. This has been a wonderful blessing to our lives to get to meet with other believers who are like-minded and it has really refreshed me in so many ways. We had an opportunity to move to a state where we lived several years ago and as of right now, have decided to stay where we are. We have family here and want to be close to them but also feel the Lord's leading to stay put. We recently moved my mom into our house. She will be 98 this month and has been well enough to live on her own! But things have changed recently and she is living with us. That's brought lots of changes but I'm thankful for this time with her. I hope you and your family are doing well! You have always been a sweet voice here and I appreciate it so much. Thanks again for reaching out! love and blessings~ Lynda

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