October 4, 2013

Sofa Table

Hi all!

Our house is in a state of constant change.  I have been a stay-at-home mom most of our marriage and decorating has always been a fun expression for me.  As you'll see in future posts, our walls have been multiple colors, all of our furniture has been slip-covered several times and things are constantly being moved.  In my defense, it just keeps getting better!  Right?

I love French Country and when we moved to Michigan discovered a wonderful second hand furniture store that made all my dreams come true!  Most of our furniture has come from this store. Very few pieces in our house were bought new.   (The store is called, "Second Time Around" and has recently changed to a furniture rental store.)  

I bought other's cast offs and painted, slip covered and reupholstered them to be what I wanted.

But in the last year, several things happened that have changed my decorating life.  One very dramatic occurrence was when my daughter asked if I would be offended if a mutual friend helped her decorate her house instead of me!  "WHAT?!"  Another was a first time visit to Pottery Barn that caused me to have an 'event!'  And the final piece of the puzzle was discovering ana-white.com.  

So for the last several months our house has gone a complete transformation.  I have painted and sewed and hammered and nailed and slip-covered and reupholstered and shopped like a banshee.  And I'm going to try to share these fun changes here.  

I also will be trying to write once a week and am encouraging my daughter, Laura, who is the mother of two beautiful preschoolers to share her adventures as a young mom.  

Please join us on this adventure that is life as we seek to serve God with all our hearts and be the best moms, grandmothers and homemakers that we can be.  Every day is a joyful challenge!

As I said, we have fallen in love with ana-white.com.  She has an extensive website that gives tons of free step-by-step plans for building furniture!  When I first introduced my husband to this idea I really expected that we would talk about it but nothing would happen.  I was wrong!  So far he has built me a beautiful sofa table and a dining room table!  I'll post the dining room table tomorrow.

This is the sofa table he built and I stained.  We decided we would start with this project and if it worked out well, we would try something harder.  I say 'we' because I cut most of the boards that you see here. Mark enjoyed teaching me how to use the saw and I plan on learning more and making some things on my own in the future.

We made this table out of white wood - the cheapest wood at Lowe's - but I wanted the table to be very rustic.  My husband was concerned about the quality but I love it!  This table is super heavy and solid.  We followed all of Ana's advice including buying the Kreg jig and finished this table in two weekends!  

Some stores sell this table for $500-600.  We spent about $60 on wood and $40 on the Kreg jig, which we've used again on other projects.  Needless to say, I am thrilled.  

Check out Ana's site here - ana-white.com   
And here is the table in our family room

Have a wonderful day!   May God continue to pour out His loving Spirit on us all!

Love and blessings!

"As for God, His ways are perfect."  Psalm 18:30

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  1. Oh I do love the table, it looks amazing. You guys did a fabulous job and it is perfect behind your sofa. Thanks tons for linking to Inspire Me. Hugs, Marty

    1. Marty, thank you so much! And thank you for hosting every week. You are so gracious!
      love and blessings~

    2. Love the table. The stain is beautiful. May I ask what brand and color you used? Thanks!!

    3. Thank you! I used MinWax Gel Stain in Aged Oak. I applied it with a brush, massaging it in following the grain and only rubbed it with a rag in places where it was too thick.

  2. Yes, I love it too! You both did a very professional job and it looks like it fits it's new home to a T. I really like how you have the lamps and pictures displayed on it. It suits the sofa perfectly. ~ Pam