December 14, 2013

Our Guest Room

We have two bedrooms on our main floor and two bedrooms upstairs.  One of the bedrooms on our main floor we use for my husband's office and one is our guest room.  It will probably be changing in the near future as our daughter, Laura, (who also posts on this blog) and her family are moving here.  The bedroom set in our guest room was hers as a little girl and we will be giving it to her for her daughter, Rhynn.

My mom, who will soon be 92 years old, made the afghan on the bed.  She is still doing well and staying active although she doesn't crochet much anymore.  The bedspread is a mattelasse that I got at HomeGoods and the floral is from JCPenny's many years ago.
The wreath on the wall was one of two that hung on the church door for Laura and Ryan's wedding.
In the corner are two wedding pictures - one of my husband and me and one of Laura and Ryan.  We both had the same deep pink in our weddings.  I got the chair at my favorite second-hand store, which has now closed.
The pillow on the bed was a gift from a friend.
This room is on the front of our house, which faces south, and the sunshine is always pleasant in here.
I had planned on taking pictures of the other side of the room but before I could get it done we moved the furniture out of here and took it to Laura and Ryan's new house!  So, things will changing in here and I'll post when I figure out what to do.

Love and blessings!

" Do not forget to entertain strangers, for by so doing some have unwittingly entertained angels." Hebrews 13:2

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  1. The room looks beautiful with a delightful ambiance and sunlight. It is quite airy from all sides. Your mom is a wonderful lady. She has made lovely crouchet.