April 4, 2015

Pamela Pierce and the Power of a Slipcover

So last year I began to notice that I was pinning pictures that had a common look. After a little research, I discovered that the designer I was in love with was Pam Pierce. I loved the rustic, mixed with the elegant, mixed with the neutrals and natural wood - everything!

I had already redone my living room in the last year - which just means I had made new slipcovers - but I just wasn't happy with it.  I think maybe it was the fabric I used - a white duck - that just wasn't giving me the look I wanted. 

But when I saw these beautiful pictures I was hooked.  Ms. Pierce even had my shutters and touches of blue.

About that time I read 'Miss Mustard Seed's' blog about making slipcovers out of drop cloths.  I had already recovered all my patio cushions with drop cloths from Sherwin Williams.  Their drop cloths were off white and very sturdy.  I'll show them to you when it's warm enough for us to get our patio furniture out.

After falling in love with this look, I decided I would use the drop cloths I had found at Menard's to get this look.

The Menard's drop cloths were an oatmeal color and they had some that had a sturdy texture and some that were really soft.  I bought both.

Somewhere in the middle of this a friend of mine and I went to HomeGoods. When we walked in the store, there in the middle of the floor, was a beautiful French Country couch by Ralph Lauren.  It looked something like this.
My friend and I both agreed that it was wonderful and then she walked on, only to realize that I hadn't followed.  Because I had fallen in love and was 'bonding' with this couch.  I was having 'an event!'  

The couch was $2,000. It was like being a pauper and falling in love with a prince. It was never going to happen. While we were at the store, I kept returning and gazing lovingly at this couch.  lol

But, I realized that I could make my loveseat look more French by combining the two seat cushions into one. And I did.

I have been recovering everything in my living room and am almost done. Then I found two new Bergere chairs.  Hurray!

So the room looks very different now.  Here's a peek at my loveseat.
I'd like to find another fabric besides my toile that I used in the family room to use in here.  But it I love it in here, too, so for now, that's what I'm using.

I painted the legs on the love seat to give them a lighter finish.  
The white chairs that I had in here are now living at my daughter's and are waiting to get Peacock Blue slipcovers and my two new Bergere chairs are almost done and going in here.  I'm hoping to find some good strong men to move our piano downstairs. Since my son no longer lives at home it doesn't get played enough to earn its wall space.

I'm also planning on redoing our fireplace a little bit.  And we're getting a new patio door in our dining room and the other patio door that's in the living room is being changed to a window.  I think it will make the room look so much nicer.

This is another beautiful room done by Pam Pierce.

It doesn't look anything like this now. And in case you hadn't guessed...I'm hoping I'll walk into my used furniture store and find a fabulous French loveseat some day!

I'll show you the whole room soon! Have a blessed Easter! 

love and blessings~

I'm forever grateful to You.
I'm forever grateful for the cross.
I'm forever grateful to You.
That You came - to seek and save the lost.

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  1. I am so happy to have found your blog! Your living room looks beautiful! The information you have shared is very informative. thanks