January 23, 2016

Super Heroes

Our sweet grandson, Levi, turns five today.  He is so excited and it's a joy to see what simple things make a child happy.

He has talked about nothing but his upcoming birthday for weeks and was up early this morning, eating his birthday breakfast dressed as Iron Man.  

His room has been decorated in pirates since he was a baby but he has fallen in love with Super Heroes lately and wanted his room to reflect his new love.

His party today is also a Super Hero theme and all the children are coming over in costumes.  This is even more fun as my daughter doesn't celebrate Halloween. (I am going as "GLAMMA!!")  ha!

And I got thinking...

Every little child loves super heroes.  Could it be something in our DNA that draws us to the idea of having super powers?  Could it be that we were supposed to have super powers?

Could it be that we were never supposed to be sick?  Could it be that deep down in our memory is that feeling of being invincible?  Of destroying every evil thing that comes against us?  Could it be that God put a warrior spirit in us at creation when He commanded, "Be fruitful and multiply and take dominion over the earth"?

God created us to live forever.  God intended that Adam and Eve and their descendants would live forever in perfect, intimate fellowship with Him.  And we will live forever - but because of sin, some of us will live eternally separated from our loving God.

I believe in de-evolution.  In other words, I believe that Adam and Eve were created in the image of God and most likely had super powers.  Sin destroys and corrupts and I believe that when the Glory of God left them and they realized they were naked, it was even more than that.  I think that their super powers were gone also.

But I also believe that Jesus restored us to our original intent and being.  I believe that we are truly a 'new creature' in Christ and our super powers have been restored.  I believe that we are to lay hands on the sick and they will be healed.  I believe that we have authority over the demonic through the name of Jesus Christ.  I believe that through the power of the blood of Jesus, we raise the dead.

I believe that "greater is HE that's in me than he that's in the world."  I believe that I'll do even greater things in His Name than He did, because HE said it!  And I know that my faith is the key that opens the door.  I want to be all that He has called me to be and see His Power on the earth!

The other day at breakfast, Levi told his sister, Rhynn, (who's 3) that his foot hurt.  Rhynn asked him if she could pray for it.  My daughter was standing at the sink rinsing dishes and she said she stayed quiet and just listened.  Rhynn prayed for Levi's foot.  Then she paused and asked, "Does it still hurt?"  He said "Yes,"...

and she prayed again.

I think they're both going to be super heroes - in Jesus' Name!

Happy birthday, Levi!!

love and blessings~

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