April 12, 2016

Trusting God When Things Go Wrong

We've all had one of those days...or one of those weeks. You know. Everything seems to be going along fine and then you have a little bad news. So you take a deep breath, tell yourself that this might not be as bad as it sounds, and you keep going.

And then you get another little set back. So you pause and regroup a little and you realize that the first thing added to the second thing is causing you to be a little more upset than you might otherwise. And you brush back your hair and carry on.

And then a third thing happens and you just have to go sit down and take a moment. Or a day or two. Ha!

Life can throw us come curves and some of them are small and some of them big. Some of them are small but they get a lot bigger in our minds than is necessary.

When these things happen, I remind myself that my wonderful Father knows everything. He knew these things were coming. He knew what was going on when I didn't. He sees all and He loves me. Nothing ever catches Him by surprise. He has even planned ahead of time.

He always has a solution, He always has an answer, He always has my back.

And then I always ask myself, "How would He want me to react? How does God see these things?"

Sometimes, trust is a lot bigger than faith. Sometimes our faith might just be a way of controlling things. And then when things don't go as we planned, do we lose faith?  Hopefully, our 'trust' kicks in. Trusting that God is always trust-worthy.

Yvonne, at StoneGable had a wonderful post the other day about what to do when you're having a bad day. I would really encourage you to read it because she was spot on.  I told her that I would have added one more thing - singing our praise to God.

When everything seems like it's going wrong, I start singing my praise to God.  I sing really loud. I sing loud enough to chase all the demons and doubts and fears away. And then I 'stomp.' I'm not kidding. I stomp around my house and sometimes I wave a banner and I shout and declare that NO weapon formed against me shall prosper!

And I do this until my eyes are firmly back on Jesus. I remind myself of all the good things He has done in my life. I count my blessings and thank Him for every single one of them.

And I make sure that I'm not upset over bad things that CAN happen and that might NEVER happen. I remind myself that giving it to God changes everything!

And then I vacuum. I use all my attachments. And I get every single little dust bunny and scrap of stuff that's in my house. My family likes this stage because then they can't hear me singing. ;)

love and blessings~

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  1. Great post Lynda! Praying you are having a wonderful and blessed day.
    Blessings, Candy