June 27, 2016

Family Room Tweaks

Our family room got a few 'tweaks' getting ready for the photo shoot with Romantic Homes. When Staci Dumoski, the editor at Romantic Homes, requested that the slip covered ottoman be in the living room, that meant that I had an extra coffee table. I thought that our new table was more 'romantic' than our industrial cart, so I moved it into the family room and put our cart in the basement.
My daughter's always my most observant and honest critic. She said, "I don't know, Dad. This coffee table looks so good in here that I bet the cart doesn't make it back in here!"  (I think she might be right!)  It's surprising how much this small change brightened the room. I'm glad I left the top of the table the original wood tone. It flows well with the other wood in this room.

I had also been thinking about painting the mirror above the fireplace for a while. I reasoned I could always paint it back if I didn't like it but I'm loving it blue! I used a couple of shades of blue chalk paint that I mixed myself and a gold glaze mix on the details. Then I used a chalk paint antiquing wax in the corners.
I love fabric. One of the things that always gets me redecorating is finding a new fabric that I love. I found this linen stripe at warehousefabrics.com and made several pillows out of it. The photos of our house are planned for a Spring 2017 issue of Romantic Homes so I used pastel accents in every room.

My peonies were all gone by the time of the photo shoot. A sweet friend showed up at my door in the morning with all the peonies that were left on her bushes! I combined them with hydrangeas I had gotten at the store for this bouquet on the coffee table.

Behind the couch, I put some faux Spring branches mixed with bird cages and gold candlesticks.
My mercury glass lamps are a constant because we use them in the evenings.

I added some matching gold and mercury glass candlesticks to the mantel.
I moved my one fireplace screen in here for the shoot. I took these pictures before Kristen got here.

I hope you're having a wonderful summer! This is our last week of our grandson's teeball games, my son goes back to Boston tomorrow and our bathroom demo starts on Wednesday.

I'll be back soon with our guest room that I haven't shown you in a while.

love and blessings~
"Behold, I will set your stones in turquoise, and your foundations I will lay in sapphires. I will make your summits of rubies and your gates of crystal, and your entire wall of precious stones."
Isaiah 54:11,12

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  1. Everything is picture perfect. I really like the mirror in blue. You must have worked 24 hours a day for months getting ready for this.

    1. Thank you, Eilis! I did work hard. The good news is I really like the changes in our house.

  2. Simply beautiful. I especially love the new coffee table and the mantle candlesticks!

  3. The mirror!! Gorgeous room, Lynda!

  4. The whole room is gorgeous! I love all the changes you made. And bless that sweet friend of yours who came over bearing peonies. What a sweetheart!
    PS Can't wait to see your beautiful home in RH!

    1. Thank you, Lisa! Wasn't that so generous? to cut all her flowers! She is a sweetheart!

  5. Lynda,
    Your living room is gorgeous, dear friend!
    I l o v e all the blue and white against the wood tones of your cabinetry!
    Thank you for sharing your lovely home!

  6. Always have loved this room it is gorgeous! Like the mirror and table too. Bright, cheery, inviting, cozy, lovely!

  7. Such a most gorgeous room....I am so love the blues!!!!...No wonder it will be in Romantic Homes!