April 13, 2018

YouTube videos and Women's Ministry

Hi Friends!

I am full of joy and excitement as I write this to you! I have had such a blessed several weeks as the Lord has been releasing me into a new season in my walk and in ministry.

I have never felt a calling for women's ministry before and maybe that's not really correct - because this blog has been a type of women's ministry.  But in the last few weeks, my heart has just exploded with ideas and inspiration from the Holy Spirit regarding women and the season that God is bringing us into. So...

I have obeyed God - twice! - and have started making youtube videos.  I intend (God willing) to continue to do this and share with you all the things on my heart.  I hope you will hear exactly what you need to hear from God through this blog.

love and blessings~

Lynda @ Gates of Crystal

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