December 7, 2015

Holiday Nights

I think my favorite thing about Christmas decorating is all the lights.  There's nothing cozier than relaxing in the evening by the fire and the lights from the tree.

Ours light up the whole room and I really miss them when the holidays are over.
I have my decorations all done but the forecast is clouds, clouds and more clouds for the next several days so I thought I would share our evening view in the meantime.
I put a small tree in our dining room - perfect for romantic evening dinners.  I filled the trough my husband made with faux evergreen, poinsettias, glittery fruit, ornaments and candles.

And I put (almost) every other candle we own on our living room mantle.  A faux garland and a string of lights add sparkle in the evenings.  I filled the hearth and ottoman tray with more cream poinsettias.

A large wreath hangs in the picture window.
I got this throw at HomeGoods.  It's the softest!  I think I'm going to have to take it up to our bedroom and use it more because I don't sit in here often.

I hope to catch a sunny day soon to take some pictures of the living room and dining room and post them. And I hope to show you my husband's contribution to the decorating!  lol and a forehead slap! He was so happy with his idea that I had to leave it.

Be back soon!
love and blessings~
"Nor do people light a lamp and put it under a basket, but on a stand, and it gives light to all in the house."  Matthew 5:15

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  1. Lynda, elegant and beautiful...those are the words. :)

  2. I just luv the lights and warmth the holiday décor imparts. I too moss it. It never fails, after the holidays , the house looks so bare... so naked! Cold.
    Luv all the candles on your mantel :)

    1. Thank you, Gee! Maybe that's why some leave it all up until March! lol Mine usually comes down on New Year's day - bare or not.

  3. So beautiful ... love the warmth of all of your lights ... your tree is gorgeous!

  4. Your home looks so beautiful wrapped in all of your sparkling lights! So so pretty.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  5. The mantel is so pretty. It is a very elegant and cozy area.

    1. Thank you, Debra! And thanks for visiting!

  6. WOW, your home is gorgeous all glammed up for Christmas, Lynda! I adore all the lights and candles and the creamy poinsettias are so lovely.

  7. Lynda,
    Oh, dear friend, your Holiday Nights speaks to the hopeless romantic in me!!!
    So~o~o exquisite!!!
    I don't put all the greenery and the lights away after Christmas!!!
    Instead, I use them until after Valentines Day!!!
    Thank you for such breathtakingly beautiful photos of your lovely home!!!

    1. Thank you, Pat! I don't blame you! Everything always looks so bare after Christmas. A lot of our decorations are trees and deer, which aren't necessarily Christmas, but I usually take it all down anyway. Maybe I'll try your idea!
      love and blessings~

  8. I have serious mantel envy; your displays are stunning! I love the soft glow of Christmas lights at night, you captured the feeling beautifully in this post!