December 30, 2015

Renewing Our Minds

"And do not be conformed to this world but be transformed by the renewing of your mind to prove what is the good and acceptable perfect will of God."  Romans 12:2

It is not enough for us to believe in God. We are called to be Christ-like. God wants to manifest Himself here on the earth through us.

We are to be His hands and feet - healing the sick, raising the dead, counseling with His wisdom, filling others with the Holy Spirit - and we can only do that as we are transformed into the image of Jesus.

We want to think like God and speak His Truth.  We want to say nothing that is contrary to the truth of His Word.  We want to always have His Truth to counsel others with.

If we don't have the Word of God to counsel others with, we have  nothing. Our opinions are worthless. And in fact, our opinions can cause harm. If our wisdom does not come from the Lord, it can lead others in the wrong direction.

We can't know God unless we know His Word. God and His Word are one.  We can't identify His Voice if we don't know His Word.  But as we begin to abide in His Word and His Word abides in us, we will hear His thoughts and His Voice. We will begin to have an inward witness and receive direction and an inward counsel.

We can tear down every thought that rises against the knowledge of Christ with the Sword of the Word. In other words, when the thought comes that we aren't going to have enough money to make it to pay day, the Word in us rises up and declares, "My God shall supply all my needs according to His riches in glory through Christ Jesus." (Phil 4:19)

Faith comes from hearing and hearing from the Word of God. (Romans 10:17)  We cannot have faith unless our mind is renewed in the Word.  Don't try to fake faith.  You can't.  But as you renew your mind in the Word, faith is birthed in your inner man and out of the fullness of your heart, your mouth will speak. (Luke 6:45)

When I first recommitted my life to Christ and was filled with the Holy Spirit, I found a book that is a great tool for renewing your mind.  I read the whole New Testament within a few weeks but I also started using this book.  "Prayers that Avail Much", by Germaine Copeland. (this is not a sponsored post)

The teaching at the beginning of this book is life-changing and it changed my life.  I re-read this teaching many times until I understood it and then I began to apply it to my life.  This book is simply the Word of God grouped into prayers on different subjects. The Word is turned around into first person so you are speaking the Word over yourself.

I did this every night the last thing before I went to sleep until I had memorized all these verses. Then I could quote them over myself whenever I wanted.  My first four paper back copies of this book fell apart.  lol  I now have the leather bound version.

I give this book to everyone I have a relationship with and advise them to incorporate it into their lives.  A friend of mine and I bought a small case of them a few years ago and handed them all out. It's a great tool in renewing your mind!

In this season the Lord told me to go on a 40-day Word-fast.  I knew instantly what He meant.  I stuck my television in the closet and turned my radio to a Christian station.  I put nothing into my heart except the Word of God and teachings and books on the Word for 40 days.  It transformed me. I went from zero to sixty in 40 days.

A true fast is 'water only' but I believe that if you are water fasting, this is a very powerful thing to do during a fast too.  If we are fasting, we should be dedicating as much time as possible to prayer and interaction with God. TV and books should be put aside during the fast.

I am always very careful to not watch anything on TV or see movies that are violent or sexual.  I want to confess that I have not been perfect in this and am making a fresh commitment to be more careful about this.

I never have anything to do with supernatural movies or shows - even turning the TV to another channel when an advertisement comes on.  These movies and shows impart demonic spirits of violence, lust, impure thoughts and even nightmares.  The more sensitive you become because of the renewing of your mind, the more you will become alarmed at these things and need to remove them from your life.

We cannot live like the world and expect God to be manifest in our lives. The Holy Spirit cannot dwell in an impure vessel and the more impurity we have in our lives, the less Holy Spirit we will have. So many of our illnesses and problems will disappear as we are transformed into the image of Jesus. Integrity becomes a shield over us.

The new year is a great time to renew our commitment to spending time in the Word and with Our God.  He is faithful and true and His mercies are new every day.  He does not hold our weaknesses against us but instead rejoices when we get it right.  He is a loving, encouraging Father that rejoices over His children with joyful singing.

May He manifest Himself in us in this new year!

love and blessings~


  1. Lynda, Two days ago I started a new book, The Forty-Day Word Fast by Tim Cameron. Tim is from Tulsa and a powerful teacher regarding prayer. I too have recommitted myself to a season of prayer, fasting and seeking God's wisdom and hearing His voice more clearly. For me it will be putting down my iPad and not allowing Facebook, Pinterest or even a game or two to steal my time from valuable fellowship with my Father. Without me knowing it, my daughter started reading the same book the very same day. I love how God calls together like-minded believers and confirms His Word. My daughter and I will be walking this path with you. This post blessed me today. Great is His Faithfulness. I'm looking forward to 2016 and expect great thing. Bless you my friend and get busy on that book. Patty Ann

  2. Patty Ann, That's amazing! I did this 30+ years and am so blessed to hear there's a book about it! I'm going to check it out. I have never been so sensitive to the Holy Spirit as I was after doing this. Now I'm thinking I should do it again. May God bless you and your daughter and cause You to hear His voice more clearly!
    love and blessings~

  3. The book is a little different take on the Forty-Day Word Fast. It's about eliminating words and attitudes of doubt, worry, fear, gossip and criticism from our thought and speech and seeing good in others. I believe your fast of sinking your teeth into the Word and eliminating all other distraction combined with watching our words can be a powerful tool in Renewing Our Minds. Now, more than ever, we must hear His voice and be ready at all time to minister to others. Thank you Lynda for sharing.