November 4, 2013

Making a sweater pillow

If you've been shopping lately you see 'sweater pillows' in a lot of the stores.  I love them and think they're great for fall and winter!

But as usual, I'd rather figure out a way to make one myself than buy one!

I had an old sweater that I had put in a bag to give to the Goodwill.
It was the right color so I thought I'd try it.  I found an old pillow that was neutral that I could use as an insert.
I would have liked to make a bigger pillow but soon discovered that to do that, I'd need a bigger sweater!

I turned the sweater inside out and measured out the size of the pillow, making sure everything was centered.  I then sewed the outline through the two layers of the sweater and cut it out.
Use the pattern in the sweater as a guide when you're sewing so that your pillow is perfectly square.

I  turned it right out side out, making sure the corners were completely pulled out, inserted the pillow and hand stitched the bottom closed.
I would have liked to have the bottom edge in the middle of the pillow and added 3 buttons but again, the sweater was too small to do that.  I may visit the nearby Goodwill and see if they have a large cable-knit sweater that I can do that with.
And here is the finished pillow!  The sweater I used was super soft and so now, the pillow is too.  I think it looks great with the fur pillow - very cozy!

And I'm loving the off-white in my house.  I'm going to add more white to my house.  I think it makes everything feel so fresh and will help get through the long Michigan winters.

Have a wonderful week!

 "Greater love has no one than this, that one lay down his life for his friends."  John 15:13