May 15, 2015

Ears to Hear

More than 20 years ago I met a lovely young Christian woman who talked passionately about eating healthy, growing your own vegetables and God's plan for our health.  I remember listening to her and realizing that I wasn't really 'hearing' her.  Somewhere in my heart I knew she was right but I wasn't able to repent of my ways.  And I knew it.

But about 9 years ago, the Lord took me on a journey.  He told me to study 'light' both in the Word and in science.  And through that study, I began to understand what this woman was talking about and make changes in my life.

Jesus talks about having "ears to hear" (Matthew 11:15).  He often encountered people who could not 'hear' what He was saying.  I have learned, the hard way, that people often are not willing to hear what God is saying.  I have learned to listen to the Holy Spirit before ever speaking to someone what's on my heart.  I have learned that speaking before they're ready to hear can often cause their heart to harden.

I have often over the years asked God why He chooses to not reveal His Glory in more obvious ways. And one day He spoke to me and told me.

He told me that when He reveals Himself, people have two choices;  they can say, "Yes" or they can say, "No."  Because He knows their hearts, He chooses wisely to wait until they're ready to say, "Yes."

We need to follow this wisdom.  Jesus only did what He saw His Father doing and He only said what He heard the Father saying.  We need to listen carefully before we speak or act.

Often times I have wanted to share with people but stopping to ask My Father has caused me to remain silent.

But God also tells us that "the prayers of righteous avail much!" (James 5:16)  I like the Amplified version.  The earnest, heartfelt, continued prayer of a righteous man makes tremendous power available (dynamic in its working.)

Earnest, heartfelt, continued prayers can open ears!  Continued prayers can soften a heart and make a way for a person to 'hear' the love of the Holy Spirit.  And maybe you'll never get to say what's on your heart, but someday, somewhere, someone will share what was on your heart - what is on the Father's heart - and the person will 'hear.'

love and blessings~


  1. What a great and timely word for me. I’m dealing with two different individuals. One is at work and other is at my church. If only they would allow my years of wisdom & understanding of God’s Word to speak into their lives I could help them. But neither one has “ears to hear.” As much as they are both suffering in their circumstances, they also enjoy the attention and their ongoing pity party. That’s how I’ve view the situation until I read your post. Now it’s clear, they are not ready to say, “Yes.” I will continue to pray and believe that, someday soon, they will be ready to hear. Thank you so much. You heard from God and shared this word with your readers. It might be the very reason I found you on Pinterest. And I thought it was just so I could admire your beautiful home. Isn’t God clever? Patty

    1. Hi Patty Ann! I'm so glad that God blessed you with this today. This has been a painful lesson for me to learn. I just have to remind myself of the times in my life that I could not hear and keep praying! I'll be praying that God opens up their ears and also gives you perfect wisdom to know what to speak into their lives. Thanks for your loving comments.

  2. Great post, Lynda! Thanks for speaking clarity on a wide spread issue in the church. Just because God reveals something to us doesn't mean He has released us to share it...often we are to pray about it. If and when He releases us to share we must make sure it is in His timing, not ours. You hit the nail on the head.