October 16, 2013

The Family Room Makeover

Here is the family room make over.  The walls have been repainted and I made new draperies and valances. The chairs have all been either slip covered or reupholstered.
There are two rugs on the floor.  One is jute and the other is a cow hide we purchased at a shop in Estes Park, Colorado.  I had the cow hide rug in the family room in the basement but put it in this room for the winter.
There are several unfinished projects in this room but I decided rather than putting off posting, I would demonstrate how to do them as I finish this room.
The blue chair in this photo was previously reupholstered in a blue and white toile.  If you look closely, the ottoman is still not done.  I'll take pictures and post it as I finish it.
The cushion in this window seat is also not finished so I'll post a how-to on that also.
The sofa table Mark made featured in another post.
This has been the most comfortable couch we've ever owned.  However, it has seen better days and I'm considering slip covering it and using it to demonstrate 'how to sew a slip cover.'
I also reupholstered this ottoman.  I got it at Home Goods and it was originally covered in a zebra print.  I bought the faux leather and recovered it.
The view from the family room into the living room.
My family and I are really enjoying the changes!  We are originally from Colorado and this style has a little of that feel as well as my love of French Country.  I told a friend that I was going to call my style, "French Country Cow."  I expect it will become a popular style!  ;)

Have a wonderful, blessed day!  I will continue posting but for my friends on facebook, I will not always tag my posts.  I don't want to annoy those that aren't interested in the blog.  So check back often or join the blog.

Love and blessings!

"By wisdom a house is built; and by understanding it is established."  Proverbs 24:3


  1. These pictures look so good. So sunny and pretty! I love this family room.

  2. Beautiful! The colors are so soothing, great light in these rooms!

  3. Thank you, Deb! And thanks for posting on the blog. I really appreciate it!