March 9, 2015

More Updates of Our Family Room

Hi all!

I hope you're all having a wonderful day!  We are finally seeing the light at the end of our frozen tunnel here in Michigan!  Come on, Spring!

Our family room is where I spend most of my time.  The bay window on the left faces the front of our house and gets the warm Southern sun.  It makes this room very bright and pleasant during the day but makes it hard to photograph.

I used to have a seat cushion in this window with lots of pillows but after we replaced our curtains with these rustic shutters the pillows got in the way when I wanted to close them each night.  I've enjoyed having the window filled with plants this winter.

The shovel and rake on the left are from Ballard.  My family says they look like a knife and fork - but they're wrong! Right?! :)  The thing? on the right is from a local antique store.  Anyone know what this is?

The lovely lady at the shop said she thought it was made around 1800 and she guessed it was used to take bread out of the oven... but wouldn't it burn?  And wouldn't the center board get in the way?  I would love to hear what you think! Whatever it is - I love it!

I got this beautiful azalea topiary at Meijer's, a nearby store.  It has been a piece of Spring throughout the long winter. The tile that's in this window is perfect for plants.  I had my herb garden here but it got so cold this winter that I had to move it to a warmer spot.  I'm hoping to move it back soon as I like to have it close to the kitchen.

You can also see my shutters that Mark made in this picture.  I love them and they've been great this winter at holding out the cold.
We took the leather and glass top off this table and Mark made a rustic wood top for me.  I white-washed it and think it's so much better.  I love the wrought iron base and the white top makes it feel so much fresher.

I've had a couple of different things above the fireplace since I last blogged but I think this one's a keeper!  I got this mirror at Joss&Main for $45!  The first time it arrived the mirror had gotten broken in shipping.  I contacted them and they immediately shipped another one.  This one arrived in perfect condition.  (I gave the other one to my daughter, Laura, and she painted it to match her decor and made it into a chalkboard!)  

Originally, the trim and scroll work was a chippy beige and it just looked dirty up against my white walls so I got out the paint brush and made it match.  I love the way the dark wood background ties in the dark finishes of our furniture in this room.

I was concerned when I ordered this mirror that it would reflect something I didn't want to see all the time but from this angle you see the plant shelf that's across the room (above the kitchen) and the chandelier. And when you're sitting on the couch all you see is the white of the ceiling.  Good and good!

I have painted the walls in this room twice since we've lived here and this is always the fun part.  I have to climb up a 10' ladder and then sit on this plant shelf to reach up to the ceiling.  

When I did this a couple of years ago, I panicked, and could not move to stick my leg off the shelf and find the ladder.  By the grace of God, I had my cell phone in my pocket and I called my husband, who was in the garage, and he came and got me down!  The paint job is not perfect but I can't convince myself to get up there again and touch up.  lol

Thanks for stopping by!  I'll be back in a few days with one of our favorite recipes.  Have a great day and think Spring!  

love and blessings~

 For if while we were enemies we were reconciled to God through the death of His Son, much more, having been reconciled, we shall be saved by His life. Romans 5:10