March 25, 2015

My Herb Garden

I started my herb garden last fall. I originally planted it in small terracotta pots. I think they were TOO small because it failed.  lol

Terracotta pots dry out quickly. I usually don't have any trouble with house plants and I typically water them once a week but that didn't work with my herb garden.

So I bought new plants and this time planted them in larger pots. And they're doing well.

I first gave each pot an uneven white-washed finish. I didn't want my pots to look brand new. I then planted the herbs in an organic potting soil. After soaking them well, I labeled each pot.

I got these chalk board stickers and chalk pen from Amazon.  Normal chalk will rub off or smear every time you touch it but the pen stays on until you wash it off.  

I had my garden in my window in the family room most of the winter until we got down to 20 below.  The tile in this window is perfect for plants and wipes up easily when it gets dirty, but this window extends out from the house and the tile gets cold.  So they temporarily got moved into the guest room. The window in that room stays sunny and warm, even in the winter.

But they're back in the family room now, close to the kitchen, where I can easily cut what I need.

I love the Rosemary on roasted potatoes or roasted asparagus.  I've become a baked potato addict - just because I love sour cream and Chives on top.  The Mint is delicious in lemonade or a fruit salad and smells amazing every time it's cut.  And the Basil fills the air with its rich aroma whenever it's touched.

I planted my parsley in the largest pot but I don't use as much of it as some of the others.  I wish I'd planted my Rosemary or Chives in this pot - although my lasagna recipe calls for fresh parsley.

I'll be adding a few more now that I've got these going well.  I'm also hoping to grow Ginger.  Adding organic honey, Apple Cider Vinegar and ginger to a glass of water daily has wonderful health benefits.  

Most grocery stores have herb plants in their produce department and because I cook with them as often as I can, it's much cheaper to grow your own than buy already cut herbs each time.  It's also much fresher.

And there are so many cute containers available to make your garden match your style!

love and blessings~

"The LORD God planted a garden toward the east, in Eden; and there He placed the man whom He had formed. " Genesis 2:8 


  1. i love your herb cute as can be in the pots with their little labels...